May is HD Awareness Month, So …
     Let’s Talk About HD!

As part of our HDSA family, you know Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month is special. Until recently, people living with HD regularly suffered in silence, hiding their disease.

Together we’ve worked hard to break the silence and erode the stigma and discrimination plaguing families who already suffer so much—families like yours, and like Kathi O’Donnell’s.

A widow to HD, Kathi recently lost her daughter Meghan to juvenile onset HD and is caring for her son Joey and her granddaughter Alyson. Alyson, like her mother Meghan,  has juvenile onset HD, a rare and especially heartbreaking form of this already devastating disease. Kathi and her family are helping HDSA shed light on HD and JHD by bravely sharing their story in Her Mother’s Daughter,  a powerful new documentary that will be released later this summer. Your support for HDSA has helped bring this story to light!

One conversation or one story may not seem like a lot, but when all of our stories come together, then we can make a huge difference in much needed public awareness of—and support for—people with HD.

So, let’s talk about HD! Because it’s time the world knows our story.

There is no cure for HD … yet. But by sharing our stories and by getting others talking about this disease, we can work to change that. So during this special month I’m asking you, as part of our HD family, to consider taking two important actions:

First, will you talk about HD? Share your story and commitment to this fight using the #LetsTalkAboutHD hashtag on social media.

Second, will you consider building hope each and every day by making your gift today! Click here to donate now.

And when donate today, you’ll know you’re advancing our efforts to get everyone talking about HD. It’s incredibly important work, because it paves the way for better care, better quality of life, and for important new discoveries that will, one day, lead to a cure …

The cure that simply can’t come soon enough for HD families like Kathi’s.

I’m so grateful to Kathi for courageously sharing her family’s story. I know that it will touch people’s hearts, and I’m hopeful that it will result in more support for our HD families.
Stories are so powerful, maybe our most powerful tool in the fight against Huntington’s disease.  And that’s why I hope you’ll share your story this May!

At HDSA, family is everything. And by working together, as one family—to share our stories and make our voices heard—we can accomplish so much.

The power of family is something that Kathi and other amazing caregivers like her know so well. It’s how her story, though tragic, is also a story of love, courage, and ultimately … hope.

Together, we can rewrite the future of HD. So #LetsTalkAboutHD!

Keep the conversation and the momentum going this month and consider making your gift to HDSA today … to help fight HD this May, and all year long.

Talking about HD, today and every day,

Louise Vetter
Chief Executive Officer