How to Contact Social Security 

There are many ways to contact Social Security, but it is important to understand the best way to contact Social Security for your specific question. If you have general questions, it is best to start with the Social Security website or Social Security’s most frequently asked questions. 

If you need to speak with someone directly, you need to know the right phone number to call because there are four different options: 

1. National Hotline: 1-800-772-1213 

  • This is a general information requests and services line. You can request things like a replacement Medicare card, a benefit verification letter, or the phone number to your local field office. They CANNOT provide detailed Social Security claim updates because they do not have access to that information in their system. Also, there is often a 60 minute or longer wait time unless you are just listening to an informational message. 

2. Local Field Office: Office Locator 

  • Your local Social Security Field Office is your main point of contact for your Social Security needs, especially if you are applying for any kind of benefits (Disability, Retirement, Survivors). All disability claims start and end with your local Field Office 

3. Disability Determination Services 

  • Disability Determination Services (DDS) is a separate state agency, within the Social Security process, that is responsible for collecting medical evidence and determining if a person is disabled in every disability claim. Once a Field Office confirms that a disability claim meets the technical criteria for disability, the claim is sent to DDS and is assigned to a claim examiner. Most questions you have during the disability review process need to be directed to your claim examiner. DDS will send a letter in the mail with their contact information if you have a claim pending. You can also request the phone number to DDS from your local Social Security Office. 

4. Office of Hearing Operations: Hearing Office Locator 

  • If you have a disability claim pending at the hearing level you will need to contact your Hearing Office directly with questions about your claim, access to your claim file, and questions about your hearing. Neither the national Social Security number nor your local Social Security office will be able to answer these questions.