Advocating for Yourself Resources

Law Enforcement Training and Community Resources

Law Enforcement Training Guide and Fact Sheet: HDSA created this guide to help law enforcement and first responders better understand HD and interact with HD-impacted individuals. The booklet contains an introduction to HD, and information about managing the motor, cognitive, and psychiatric symptoms. It also contains a list of supporting questions to ask caregivers, along with information about special issues that arise in incarceration and confinement. You can download a free copy here or order a free copy here. For additional copies please contact

Support Documents: Documents that can be kept on your person that provide general information about HD and specifics of your condition and important contact people.

Legal Resources

If you do experience discrimination, a good place to go for resources is the National Disability Rights Network. This organization will connect you with your state Disability Rights program, which can provide legal assistance and legal referrals. They also provide tools and resources for what discrimination looks like in multiple areas and what you can do to help combat discrimination.