When people talk about “disability” they are generally referring to Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI), which is only one type of disability benefit program. Not everyone is eligible for SSDI so we need to stop talking about disability like there is only one type of disability. There are actually many kinds of disability benefit programs, including: 

  • Private policies 
  • Employer-provided policies 
  • State-specific policies 
  • Social Security 

1.      Social Security Disability Insurance 

2.      Supplemental Security Income 

It is very important for HD families to understand the different types of disability benefits, what benefits they are eligible to receive, and the eligibility criteria for the different disability benefits. Once the eligibility period has passed for most of these types of disability benefits, there is no way to get it back. Advanced planning is essential for disability benefits so make sure you know what benefit program you are paying into and that you are taking advantage of all of your options. Check out the blog next week to get more details about Private and Employer-provided policies.