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In case you missed the 2015 Annual HDSA Convention here is a recap.

HDSA’s National Youth Alliance


2015 Chapter & Affiliate Awards Recipients

2015 National Awards Recipients

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Opening Ceremony (Recorded)

Denial & Unawareness in HD (Recorded)

When to call a physical or occupational therapist?

HD 101 (Recorded)

NYA 101

Defining yourself and not the disease

Clinical trials demystified: What is it like to participate and why am I needed?

When to call a speech-language pathologist

Recognizing Apathy and Depression (Recorded)

Roadmap for HD- what comes next?

How to Talk with Law Enforcement About HD (Recorded)

Advocacy in Action

Coping with Perseveration (Recorded)


Family Planning

An Introductory Primer to HD Biology and Genetics



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Welcome & Introduction, Challenges for Silencing Mutant Huntington, Working Together to Find HD Genetic Modifiers


HD Research and Trials: Get behind the Bus!



Managing Motor Symptoms (Recorded)

New Diagnostic Criteria for HD (Recorded)

Caregiver’s Burden

Diagnosing JHD

Managing Aggression

When to think about long term care

Spirituality in the Illness Experience (Recorded)

Emerging Topics in HD Research (Recorded)

Managing Cognitive Decline

Physical Therapy & Speech/Swallowing Roundtable

Social security, disability and the HD family

Managing Marital Relationships in HD (Recorded)