2009 Convention Presentations:

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Focus on the Family Care Forum:

Decision Making in HD – Randi Jones, Ph.D.
Caregiver Strategies – Marsha Miller, Ph.D.
Frequently Asked Questions of Social Workers at An HD Center of Excellence – Anne Leserman, MSW, LISW
Questions Asked of Clinicians Across the HD Disease Trajectory – Randi Jones. Ph.D.
Therapeutic Use of Supplements and Alternative Therapies – Sam Frank, M.D.

Research Forum:

Movement Disorders Associated with HD – Christopher Ross, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Research Update – Joseph Giuliano, Ph.D.
Coalition for the Cure Research Update – Mary MacDonald, Ph.D.
HD 411: An Introduction to HD – Sam Frank, M.D.
Progression of HD – Sam Frank, M.D.
Hospice/Palliative Care – Roseanne Berry, MS, RN
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act – GINA and What it Means for You – Cheryl Erwin, J.D., Ph.D.
Genetic Issues – Katherine Hunt, MS, CGC
HD 101 – Holly Shill, M.D.
Fundraising Ideas
Advocating for HR 678
Team Hope Walk for HD – Jana Wilcox
Board/Chapter Development and Future Leadership – Richard Male
JHD – Educational Options – Rita Kenison and Marta Urbina


Accommodations for Chronic Illness
AAP’s Emergency Information Form for Children with Special Needs
Chart 504 IDEA – ADA
PCH Rec Accommodations
Positive Behavior Plan PACER
School Accommodations and Modifications FAPE – 27
Special Ed Process Chart Alliance
Chapter Treasurer’s Supplemental Training – Joe DiSibio
Wellness – Walter Nieri, M.D.

Share the Care – Jane Barton, MTS, MASM (Handouts Only)


To Test or Not to Test – Katherine Hunt, MS, CGC
Meds for Early/Mid Stage HD – Vicki Wheelock, M.D.
Clinical Trials and COHORT – Vicki Wheelock, M.D.
Clinical Research in HD – Vicki Wheelock, M.D.
Safety in Clinical Trials – John Caviness, M.D.
Juvenile Onset Huntington’s Disease 2009 – Jane Paulsen, Ph.D.