2008 Convention Presentations

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Complementary and Alternative Therapies for HD – Sandra Kostyk
Huntington’s Disease 101 – Sandra Kostyk
Sexual Issues and HD – Barb Heiman and Sandra Kostyk
Balance, Falls, and Safety in the Home – Suzanne Imbriglio and Katharine Moser
Managing Cognitive and Behavioral Symptoms – Robert Moore
The Genetics of HD – Robert Moore
Medications for Early/Mid Stage HD – Robert Moore
Better Days Ahead: NYA Clinical Research Discussion – LaVonne Goodman
Clinical Research Discussion in Support Groups – LaVonne Goodman
Taking the Clinical Message Home – LaVonne Goodman
Ethical Concerns of Predictive Testing for Minors – Elizabeth Gettig
Genetic Testing for At-Risk Individuals – Elizabeth Gettig
Family Planning and Assisted Reproductive Technologies – Elizabeth Gettig
Coping with Stress for Health and Wellness – Bruce Rabin
Huntington’s Disease: Juvenile Onset – Fredy Revilla
Genetic Discrimination – Cheryl Erwin
Health Care Planning – Cheryl Erwin
Getting Involved in Clinical Trials – Karl Kieburtz
Medications for Movements – Karl Kieburtz
Huntington’s Disease Psychiatry – Christopher Ross
Prequel Multicenter Phase II Therapeutic Trial on Pre-symptomatic (“pre-manifest”) HD – Christopher Ross
Early Predictors of HD: What has Predict-HD Taught us? – Kevin Duff
Hospice, Palliative Care, and the Journey of Huntington’s Disease – Karen Rose
Juvenile Onset Huntington’s Disease – Jane Paulsen
Making the Decision: and Living with Facility Placement – Judith Fockler
ACR16 for the Treatment of Huntington’s Disease – Joakim Tedroff
Overview of Medivation and Dimebon – Sarah Noonberg
Huntington’s Disease and Vertex Pharmaceuticals – Jeff Stack
Systematic Discovery of Novel Combination Drugs for Huntington’s Disease – Xiaowei Jin