Effect of optimism, illness perceptions and disease stage on quality of life in individuals with Huntington’s disease

Hello, my name is Neli Dragneva and I am a third-year psychology student at Liverpool Hope University. This study is for my dissertation which is investigating the effects of optimism, disease duration and illness perceptions (beliefs) on quality of life in adults affected by Huntington’s disease.

In order to be eligible to participate, you must have a clinical diagnosis of Huntington’s disease and be over 18 years.

The survey consists of 3 short questionnaires and some general questions about yourself and should take approximately 20 minutes. Participation will be entirely anonymous and you are free to withdraw at any time even after completion of the survey.

Study link: https://lhubos.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/the-effects-of-optimism-illness-perceptions-and-disease-s

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