Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) pays benefits to those with a disability when they are no longer able to work. SSDI is based on the number of years you have worked and paid taxes into the federal system. The number of years needed to qualify for benefits will depend on your age.
It is not necessary to hire an attorney or a non-attorney Social Security Representative or Advocate to assist with a disability claim but it is important to provide thorough documentation to the Social Security Administration about how the person with HD is totally disabled from the disease. This often includes reports from multiple sources with information on how the person is disabled. Employers and caregivers can also provide information along with the medical reports as part of the disability claim.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) pays benefits based on financial need. Please use the Social Security Administration website as a helpful tool to apply for benefits or to assess eligibility.


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Applying for Disability Resource Guides

Applying for disability benefits is a necessity for most HD families, but the disability process is often complicated and overwhelming, whether it is Social Security disability or private disability. It is important for individuals with HD to apply for disability benefits as soon as they are no longer able to work because there is a time limit, both Social Security benefits and private benefits expire. Please use the information and resources located below to help you navigate Social Security disability and the application process. The requirements and application process for private and employer provided disability benefits are different for every provider.

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Disability Chat

Disability Chat is designed to provide information, resources and support to both persons affected by HD and their caregivers who are either starting the disability process or have already filed but been denied benefits by the Social Security Administration as well as HDSA social workers who are assisting HD families with their disability applications in their region.

Each month, Disability Chat will feature a topic of interest for either HD families or HD social workers. Each segment will include a 45-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for discussion with the audience.


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Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance policies can assist in future caregiving needs such as in-home care, assisted living, nursing home care and respite care. Long-term care insurance should be considered prior to diagnosis as plans can cover home health services as well as nursing home care. Coverage for persons diagnosed with HD is not guaranteed under the law. For more information on this topic, the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance website is helpful.


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