Tree of Help & Hope



During the Holiday Season, proudly hang your HDSA Snowflake for all to see!

HDSA’s Tree of Help & Hope is a symbol that in the battle against Huntington’s disease, no one fights alone. As the snowflakes accumulate – sent by people just like you – you can see the HDSA Family come together and grow stronger every day.

Thank you for creating a blizzard help and hope by entering your virtual snowflake message in the comment section below with your holiday gift today!

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Your Messages of Hope










My Mom, Orena Nelson
We love all you did for us as long as you could. You inspired us. I love you, your struggle is over








My Sister, Karen Kay Nelson
Your life cut way too short and filled with struggles from HD. You are so loved and never forgotten





Honoring the Hernandez sisters #hernandezstrong and their loving family love you Veronica
Prayers for a cure , always supporting and raising #HDAwareness #HDhope








Diatra Wild
In memeory of my sister. I love and miss you! We will never quit fighting for a cure.






Maria Orozco Herandez and Susana Garcia Hernandez
Faith for a Cure








Justin Chapman
You are missed everyday! I will never forget your smile and your positive outlook. Love you bub!






In memory of my sweet sister, Dawn, everyone’s favorite aunt. We love and miss you everyday.





Cindy Lyne Cross
I hope I will see you again someday. I miss you so much mom.





Malcolm and Jaxson Caldwell
I know life has dealt you a terrible hand at a your young ages. I’m very proud of both of you. L, M







We will beat this together.
Merry Christmas








Aggie Ketchen
I miss you mom!





To my beautiful daughter.I will never leave your side or stop believing there will be a cure






In memory of my Aunt Susan, whose smile and laugh will be fondly remembered. We will miss you.






Roy W. Jennings Jr.
I will always love you. You were my greatest joy and blessing. Forever yours.
All My Love Phyllis





Karen Maisonneuve
I love and miss you mom. We are enjoying our holidays with you in spirit.






Memory of Kenny Menees
I pray everyday for continued research and a cure .
I’ll see you in Heaven.
Love always






Live in the moment – you are doing a great job of it!!
Our prayers for a cure. Love You







In Honor of my HDSA Community
May we find strength within to hold each other up as we face this battle together. Merry Christmas!






Mark L Corbin
Always hoping for a cure/treatment & praying this terrible disease can be stopped. Miss you, dad.






Lynn Shaw
Never give up, especially when you’ve fallen down. Pull yourself back up.






Rhonda Kallappa
I love you so much, I’ll never leave your side. You can always lean on me. Love Always, Yodes!






Shaun and Brittany
I love you both more than words. Keep fighting and know I’m always in your corner.






In Memory of Christopher Roland
Loved and missed by so many, he fought the good fight. FOREVER OUR HERO






In Honor of my Brother, Jeff Warner
I’m so proud of the person you are under that demon disease. I love you so much Bubby Hugs & Prayers





In Memory of my Mother, Nancy Warner & my Brother Rob Warner
I Love and Miss you dearly. I’m sorry for what you had to endure. Praying for a cure every day <3






Alicia -Mom I love you and think of you all the time. I’ll see you soon. Your son Henry






My Father Timothy Parker ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Merry Christmas Dad,
Even in Heaven you never leave my side. Love you always.Your Daughter Melanie




Anthony, Tracy, Kimmy & Jacob Novak
One day we will find a cure and your pain will not have been in vain!






Richard Martin
Happy Holidays! Hope your holiday is filled with joy! Love you!





Pat Murray
We can count on our Father, God to go before us into this unknown of Huntington’s Disease.






Lee Friesen
To our son Lee, may you find peace in your life as this disease slowly takes you away from us. Luv U






Gerri Buell Palmer
In loving memory of Gerri and support of her family and all who love her

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