New insights to a CRISPR world: a cross-sectional analysis of individual’s and advocacy group views into genomic editing

Dylan Platt, a graduate researcher at Augustana University, is conducting a research survey about a gene editing technology called CRISPR.

CRISPR is a laboratory technique that allows scientists to edit DNA. It is a tool that has helped researchers to better understand the role of many genes in biology, including the HD gene. A long-term goal for some scientists using CRISPR is to adapt this technology for use in people with inherited diseases. We encourage you to learn more about this technique through some great HDBuzz articles about genome editing and CRISPR in HD mice.

Editing DNA in humans could have dangerous consequences, and so far CRISPR research has only advanced to the level of testing in cells and animals. Nevertheless, its potential for treating human disease raises ethical questions for many people. This survey aims to ask families affected by HD and other genetic disorders about their opinions around CRISPR technology as a possible future therapy.

Please click here to read the Informed Consent document and begin the survey.


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